A program of films by filmkoop wien members 

Cinematic Illuminations from Vienna
selected by Viktoria Schmid

will be shown at
the annual showcase of Labor Berlin

4.2. 2017
Silent Green, Berlin

IN LOVE WITH FILM #1 - filmkoop wien invites DISTRUKTUR

We're starting the year by inviting the Berlin-based filmmakers Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn aka Distruktur to celebrate our love to analog film. Join us for the upcoming events that include a film screening, an audiovisual performance and a workshop for handmade 16mm color film processing. 

Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn form Distruktur since 2006, when they moved together from southern Brazil to Berlin. They started making films together in 1999, first on Super 8 and later on 16mm, their medium until the present day. After joining the collective LaborBerlin in 2007 they started applying handmade techniques on the making of their films. Beyond conceiving and producing moving images, they appear as actors and musicians and act as lab technicians, doing great part of the post-production of their films. In the last years Distruktur took part in festivals such as Berlinale, Torino, Moscow IFF and Videobrasil, as well as in exhibitions at the New Museum in New York, Paço das Artes in São Paulo, and Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre. Muito Romântico is their first feature film. 


Navigation 2 x 16mm, Color / B&W, Live sounds, 10-12min
Filme de Pedra : 1 x 16mm, B&W, Live sounds, 20-25mi

Saturday 7.1. 
Open doors with drinks & talks: 18.00, Start Perfomance: 19.00

filmkoop wien
Wickenburggasse 15/3/1b


Sunday 8.1. 15.30 

Blickle Kino, 21erHaus
Quartier Belvedere, Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien
in Kooperation mit dem Ursula-Blickle-Videoarchiv

Germany/Brazil, 2016,  72 min

Melissa and Gustavo cross the Atlantic to start a new life. They set sail on making lms, friends and music, but fear awakens when a secret emerges. A cosmic portal opens up inviting them to expand their journey beyond time and space. 

TRAILER: Watch it on Vimeo! 


16mm Negative film is maybe the most abundant motion film material at the moment as many types of new and expired stocks can be easily found. 

The workshop will focus on 16mm color negative film processing using DIY hand processing techniques. We will mix the ECN-2 baths from the scratch to process negative motion picture film, and use E6 chemistry to produce reversal images through cross-processing. It will also be possible to experiment and intervene during the photo-chemical process: solarization and bleach-by-pass can be used to transform the image during its formation.

The two-day workshop will be held by Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn aka Distruktur. 

Color negative film stock will be provided, but feel free to bring your own material.

Registration: Send us an email with the subjetct "In love with film" to info (at) filmkoopwien.at until 2 January. Basic knowledge of processing 16mm film is required. Full appearance for both days is mandatory.

9. + 10 January:  11.00-17.00
Costs: 90 Euro (includes film stock and chemistry)

IN LOVE WITH FILM #1 is realized through the support of BKA Bundeskanzleramt Österreich.

Screening series filmkoop wien V/V

For our screening in December we are very happy to show works by Maja Rezoug, Guillermo Tellechea, Bernhard Geigl and Stefan Voglsinger who will perform a Filminstallation from Strictly Analog Festival Ljubljana. 

Come join us! 
Monday, 12th December 

Screening series filmkoop wien IV/V

Filmkoop wien has the pleasure to invite international artists and filmmakers working with analog film to present their work. For our screening in November we show works made in the independent filmlabs l‘Etna (Montreuil, France), l‘Abominable (La Courneuve, France) and Labo Bis (Brussels, Belgium).

After the films there will be a collective discussion in the presence of the filmmakers Mariette Michaud, Anna Salzberg and two members of Les Scotcheuses collective.

7.11.16 18 Uhr
filmkoop wien, Wickenburggasse 15/3/1B, Wien


Mariette Michaud / 2015 / 16mm with digital sound / 5‘

On ira à Neuilly, Inch‘Allah (We‘ll go to Neuilly, Inch‘allah)
Anna Salzberg and Mehdi Ahoudig / 2015 / 16mm with digital sound / 20‘

Tremblements, un lm sans n sur les luttes en cours (Quakes, and endless lm on current struggles)
collective and anonymous / 2016 / 16mm with digital sound / 25‘

No Ouestern
Les Scotcheuses collective / 2015 / Super 8 with digital sound / 27‘

Sème Ton Western
Les Scotcheuses collective / 2014 / Super 8 with digital sound / 24‘ 

Screening series filmkoop Vienna III/V.

filmkoop wien started a screening series and invites international artists and filmmakers to present their works at filmkoop wien. Each screening is curated by a different member.

For September's screening filmkoop wien-member Stefanie Weberhofer invites Sonya Stefan from Montreal with the film program Hybridity and the Performative Hand-made: Montreal Independent Cinema:

Sonya Stefan presents current Montreal filmmakers and video creators who are exploring hybrid techniques and the hand-made. Each artist defines their own unique process, either by hands-on film/video manipulation or via performance-based techniques such as Hamish Fulton-esque walking trajectories shot along a man-made path leading to a lake. Experimental and animation works make up this program.

Monday, 12.09.2016, 7 pm
filmkoop wien
Wickenburggasse 15/3/1B, 1080 Wien

Program: Film & Videos

Mandi Morgan/Boreal

Working with paper cutout animation, Mandi Morgan creates a non-linear allegorical tale depicting the vulnerable tensions between wildlife and human destruction.

Alisi Telengut /Nutag-Homeland
Animation/Color/Stereo/2016/ 6 min

Oil pastel on one piece of paper, under-camera animation, frame by frame, shot on digital. A non-narrative hand-painted visual poem about diaspora, homeland, and the tragic mass-deportations of the Kalmyk people during WWII.

Guillaume Vallée/The Yellow Ghost
16mm to digital/color/Stereo/2014/3m30

Cameraless film created with found footage of a nightmarish dream.

Phillippe Leonard/[T]

Philippe Leonard shot the footage for this remarkable work at Times Square, in New York City, during the hours of artificial illumination. Partly for this reason, it is an oneiric diary, tempted by myth and, at the same time, suffused by a melancholy sense that myth has lost its magical power.

Guillaume Vallée/Le bulbe tragique
16mm to digital/Color/2016/6min                             

Ephemeral traces of nothingness - Rotoscoping farmers, crumbling churches, dying memories as hand-painted layers, decay & collage on film emulsion as incidental traces of nothingness. A work that is aware of his own mechanisms.

Sonya Stefan/Echo

Separated by four sections, this dance film embraces the unpolished aesthetic of contact-printed color film stock and various re-photographic techniques such as reversal color film stock, homemade filters and light manipulations.

Vitalyi Bulychev & Sonya Mladenova/Lapses of Attention
Super8 /B&W/2015/ 3min                                                                                     

This film was made for the One Take Super8 event; it was shot over the course of four hours. The film documents a meditation session. The participant, and co-director of the film, Sonya Mladenova recorded the audio afterwards in a hypnotic state, attempting to replicate the fleeting thoughts and impressions during her meditation.

Alexandre Larose/brouillard #14
35mm to digital/color/silent/2013/10min

a trajectory that extends from my family's house into a lake, layered multiple times, in-camera

Screening - The Kalampag Tracking Agency - 11. August 2016

We are happy to announce that filmmaker and curator Shireen Seno from the Philippines will visit filmkoop wien and will present the program 'The Kalampag Tracking Agency'. 

Overcoming institutional and personal lapses to give attention to little-seen works—some quite recent, some surviving loss and decomposition — this program collects loose parts in motion, a series of bangs, or kalampag in Tagalog, assembled by individual strengths and how they might resonate off each other and a contemporary audience. Featuring some of the most striking films and videos from the Philippines and its diaspora, this is an initiative that continues to navigate the uncharted topographies of Filipino alternative and experimental moving image practice. 

11 August 2016, 19.00

Runtime: 70 minutes. Projection on 16mm & digital.

Shireen Seno will be here for Q&A and tell us about the upcoming artist-run film lab in Manila called 'Los Otros'

Detailed information about the program:
Shireenseno - Tumblr - Info Screening
About Shireen Seno

Fotos: Michel Strümpf

SUPER 8 - WORKSHOP 19 + 21. AUGUST 2016

Wir bieten diesen Sommer wieder einen Super8-Workshop an! Das Ziel des Workshops ist es, einen Überblick über das Medium Super8 zu gewinnen und zu lernen mit dem Material, den Kameras und den Projektoren richtig zu arbeiten. Es wird kein Vorwissen benötigt. Am Ende des Workshops werden die WorkshopteilnehmerInnen den gesamten Ablauf vom Arbeiten mit analogen Filmmaterial – vom Einlegen des Films in die Kamera, über das eigenständige Entwickeln in der Dunkelkammer, bis zum Projizieren auf der Leinwand – kennengelernt haben.

Die TeilnehmerInnen werden im Zuge des ersten Termins eine allgemeine Einführung in das Arbeiten mit analogen Filmmaterial bekommen, dabei steht der richtige Umgang mit Kameras und dem Material im Vordergrund. Es werden Inputs gegeben, wie man mit dem Medium Super8 arbeiten kann. Danach sind die TeilnehmerInnen aufgefordert selbstständig zu filmen.

Beim zweiten Termin dreht sich alles um das eigenständige Entwickeln des Filmmaterials im Cross-Prozess in der Dunkelkammer, eventuelles Bearbeiten und das anschließende Projizieren des eigenen Films auf der Kinoleinwand. Am Schluss können die KursteilnehmerInnen ihren fertigen Film mit nach Hause nehmen.
Der Workshop wird von Antoinette Zwirchmayr und Stefanie Weberhofer geleitet und ist auf 10 TeilnehmerInnen limitiert. Aus Erfahrung empfehlen wir eine rasche Anmeldung.

erster Termin: 19. August 2016, 19:00 Uhr - 21:30 Uhr
eigenständiges Filmen am 20. August 2016

zweiter Termin: 21. August 2016, 9:00 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr
Unkostenbeitrag: € 75,00 + € 25,00 Super8 Filmrolle (Kodak Vision 3 50D)

Schicke bitte eine E-mail mit dem Betreff "Workshop" an info@filmkoopwien.at. Wir antworten dann mit einer E-mail in der alle Details zum Workshop, sowie unsere Kontodaten zu finden sind. Bitte überweise uns dann den Unkostenbeitrag von € 75,00. Sobald wir diesen Betrag auf unserem Konto haben, gilt die Anmeldung als vollständig.

Aus organisatorischen Gründen können wir Stornierungen nur bis zum Ende der Anmeldefrist entgegennehmen. Danach fällt eine Stornogebühr von € 15,00 an.

Die Workshops finden in den Räumlichkeiten der filmkoop wien statt. Das Equipment, welches für den Workshop benötigt wird (Kameras, Entwicklungsspulen, Klebepressen, Projektoren...), wird von der filmkoop wien für die Dauer des Workshops kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt. Ebenfalls ist der Preis der benötigten Entwicklungs- Chemikalien im Preis inkludiert. Das Filmmaterial muss extra vor Ort bar bezahlt werden. Es besteht die Möglichkeit, dass sich die TeilnehmerInnen Filmrollen teilen oder eigene mitbringen. 

Anmeldung an info@filmkoopwien.at bis spätestens 15. August 2015.

filmkoop wien @ BAINS ARGENTIQUES – International Film Labs Meeting in Nantes

filmkoop wien was part of the international filmlabsmeeting spending one week together with dedicated filmlovers from 50 other labs, coming from 5 contintens.

A full programm of projections, workshops and discussions dedicated to photochemical film! 

find more info here:

Possible with the support of BKA Austria and Forum Culturel Autrichien Paris.

Screening series filmkoop Vienna II/V

Part II of our screening series!
We invite international artists and filmmakers to present their works at filmkoop wien. Each screening is curated by a different member. For June's screening filmkoop wien-member Antoinette Zwirchmayr invites Labo Doble (Alexandra Moralesová and Georgy Bagdasarov) & Jiří Rouš from Prague to do a live film-performance at filmkoop wien’s micro-cinema.

We will celebrate film and summer and invite you to come early for drinks at 18.00!
Performance starts: 19.00! 

Blau Peru 1979-1980
2015, live, 45-55 min  

Friday 17.06.2016
filmkoop wien
Wickenburggasse 15/3/1B, 1080 Wien


Blau Peru proposes a journey into an exotic and ambiguous world of lost and found amateur films. The examined found footage consists of thirteen 120-meter reels of reversal color film found at the Naschmarkt flea market in Vienna in 2010. We cannot determine whether it is the whole or a fragment of the archive. Two-thirds of the films are „home“ records either from the apartment or from the garden remarkable above all because only very few people appear in them. The remaining third of the archive documents author‘s journey to South America, which in all probability took place at the end of the period of military dictatorship in Peru. Besides exotic plants, animals and people, the author captured his colleagues and certain manifestations of the social atmosphere at that time. This part of the archive is a significant fragment that it is somehow „dislocated“ from the logic of the remaining material. Records from Peru make a substantial part of this found collection. How connects Alpine panorama at sunset with Machu Picchu?

Image: the archive of Mr. Blau; Idea: Alexandra Moralesová; Dramaturgy & processing: Labo Doble/Alexandra Moralesová, Georgy Bagdasarov; Voice over: Georgy Bagdasarov, Manfred Schwaba; Sound: Jiří Rouš/Petr Zábrodský; Assistent: Anna Ouřadová

mit Unterstützung der Kulturförderung des 8. Bezirkes.

Screening series filmkoop Vienna I/V.

Ferahfeza (Ships) by Filmmaker Elif Refiğ.
There will be a Q&A with director Elif Refiğ after the screening.

30.04.2016, 19 Uhr
filmkoop wien
Wickenburggasse 15/3/1B, 1080 Wien

The filmkoop Vienna started a screening series and invites international artists and filmmakers to present their works to a broader audience in our cinema. 

Elif Refiğ: born in Istanbul 1978. Studied film at Bosphorus University and Columbia University in New York.

Film Ships/ Ferahfeza: 96 min. / fiction / color / S16 mm / 2012 (projection: digital)

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Av8yb7fJdM

Film Synopsis: 
20-year-old Ali works with his strict father Raif and hard-working friend Kismet as a ship supplier for the shipyards and harbors of Tuzla, Istanbul. While constantly watching departing ships, Ali dreams of a better life elsewhere. He slacks off at his job and as he goes through life fulfilling his father’s demands, he keeps looking for the signs that will lead him to a more satisfying life. While trying to see the city from a different angle on the hill where he hangs out with Kismet, Ali gets on top of a tower and notices a ship graffiti on the wall across from him. Ali considers this as an important sign and decides to find the person who made the graffiti. He strongly believes that this person is meant to accompany him on his quest to the far away lands.

mit Unterstützung der Kulturförderung des 8. Bezirkes